Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kittens, Onlympic and Character Death

Woots! My cat give birth to 3 kittens today! She keep meow-ing since 5.30, but finished the labor around 10.30~ Congrats, mommy cat!

Btw, also want to congrats Indonesia for getting gold medal in onlympic! :D Go go Indonesia! Too bad we didn't win any medal from single player in badminton though. But it' already very good, ok! :D We only send 24 players and so far we already gotn 5 medal so far :)

Actually our goverment promised the athlete that if they got any medal they will got a big amount of cash. No wonder all athlete become so motivated :P For gold medalist they will get Rp1Billion (around US$100,000++), silver will get Rp300million (around US$34,000), bronze will get around Rp125million (around US$15,000). According to what I read in newspaper Singapore is the country who will pay the most if their athlete got gold medal, they'll give 1million euro! @_@ That's because the last medal that they ever got was in 1996~

Btw, just finished reading Cable and Deadpool comic. And I'm sooooooooooo angry!!!!! Why Cable must die??????? At first I thought they'll resurrect him again (just like before) but then actually they really kill him!!! T____T Why the characters that I like almost always die?????? What the heck man!!!! T_________T

I also re-read The Silmarillion (The history of middle earth before the war of the ring in Lord of the Rings), and again, the characters that I like dieeeeeeee~~~~~~ T___T
1. Ereinion Gil-Galad
Why the high king of Noldor die????? T____T He's the last high king! T__T
2. Echtelion
After killing Gothmog and another 2 balrogs you kill him????
3. Glorfindel
Killed after he kill a balrog too, stupidly getting killed because the Blarog snatched his hair and bring him down to valley with the balrog. Well, at least he'll ressurected again later.
4. Maedhros and Maglor
2 of 7 sons of Feanor, if only the oath didn't consume them... :( And the last scene when Maglor throw the silmaril to the sea and sing his lament is really really sad T____T

Well, at least Elrond survived all of the chaos though. But he really really got such a tragic fate T__T

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hello Again

Well, the second entry from Jambi! ;) This holiday makes me realize how good it is to sleep and wake up normally. I always feel refreshed everytime I wake up, not tired and moody. Oh, the joy of normal life!

And I've just finished reading comic books that I got before, and it makes me fall in love with...
Johann Kraus! xD Yea, it's Johann Kraus from Hellboy (from B.P.R.D actually)! In comic Johann do not looked as good as in movie LOL, but he really really is a gentleman in comic while in movie he's such an ass. I think I prefer the characteruzation in comic rather than in movie. While in movie Abe is gentle and quiet, in comic he's sarcastic and cool. Fits him better I think. And all characters in comic got more depth and unfortunately, sad past :(

I really confuse about I wanted to say for the whole week. So difficult la to summarize all events for whole week in one entry. But my family now really busy in preparing for tomorrow's festival. Every year in my hometown, every 18th August there will be festivals to remember about our independence day. Will take photos of it, if I have the time. We'll be very very busy tomorrow. My mom will cook nasi lemak! And my mom's nasi lemak is the best! ;)

Will update again later! Eat now!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hello from Jambi!

Well, in my hometown now wth the legendary super slow DIAL-UP internet connection. Opening my e-mail in 10 minutes. Sweet. How I miss my hometown.

So far I eat lots of food, and what a wonderful spicy food I've ate <3 Satay, soto, soup, rendang, empek-empek, bakso, tekwan, etc etc~ Actually I want to post some pictures of the said food, but my super slow connection just not allowing me to do that. To open blogger I need more than 10 minutes, imagine for how long I need to wait to upload photos?

I still can online in my MSN and YM from my cellphone though, even though the connection is equally sucks, keep disconnecting me every now and then. I also can't use internet too much because it's so damn expensive here. So I will not updating my blog as often as before.

Btw, got a very binteresting comic strip about bloodtype here. What is your bloodtype? :)
Since my papa is A and my mama is O, so I must have fenotipe AO (A). That explains my mixed behavior between bloddtype A and O. Quite interestng :)
Well, let me guess my classmates' bloodtype!
Chen --> either A or O, but more to A I think
Chris --> B or AB
Dee --> B
Selvia --> O
Wahyu --> must be a pure A!
Correct me if I'm wrong~
wookay, my laptop almost die now, which means I must off now! Will update again next week!