Sunday, May 24, 2009

Adorableness and Hecticness

See my previous blog entry? The one I gush about how hot is Zachary Quinto? FORGET THAT. Because now I'm in looooveeeeee with Anton Yelchin. RIGHT, Pavel Chekov from Star Trek. The adorable russian navigator
Ok, before I continue writing this, please bear in mind, I'm in my SUPER FANGIRL mode.
I thought that I've already passed the era where I adore super cute uke-type guy. But then I see this:
Because if that picture I act like this (but in different terms of madness) :

It also not helping that I've found this video of him being adorable and vulnerable from ontd_startrek (I recommend this community if you guys want to find crazy fangirls make fun of star trek actors LOL)

SHITE. I'm sold T.T He's just so freaking adorable. It's also not helping that he's being all smart and funny T.T I think this is the first time I like an actor whose around my age LOL. Usually guys that I like are just too old~! So I got excuse to like him, he's around my age~! I'm not guilty~! Now I just can't wait for his next movie, Terminator Salvation where he played teenager Kyle Reese.

Oh, well~ XD Ok, time to turn off my super fangirl mode. Let's talk about college life now T.T
This term we continue doing our FPS, graduation campaign, and Industry practice. Somehow for graduation campaign I become treasurer. Actually almost all MM students become the board member. Chen as the president, Wahyu as Art director, Diana as PR, Chris as Marketing assistant, Sel and representatives of MM. So this term we're as busy as ant workers T.T I hope we all can pass this term and graduate together =)

Ok, gtg now. Having meeting with classmates for graduation campaign idea~

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Am I the last person to notice that Zachary Quinto is actually VERY HOT?
And Sel, give up, HE'S MINE! Muhahahahaha :P

Saturday, May 9, 2009

What Happened

OK, I think I kind of neglecting this blog, again :P
That's because I was on holiday, so I go back to Indonesia and take my sweet time to do everything that I can't do before holiday. I've read 3 fantastic books, 1 manga, watch 3 movies, and babysitting (which ended up as BIG FAIL) my nephew.

1. Let me introduce you to my fat baby nephew, Reego Pierson Chen :D
I was helping my sister to babysit him for a while, but I just cannot tahan to carry too long since he's too heavy for my arms T____T But I keep practicing and now I swear you can see muscle if I bend my arms. He's so fat that he can't fit clothes for his age (2-3 months), he need to wear clothes for 9-12 months baby. His face is soooo chubby that I feel like biting them if only my sis patrolling around :P He like when people talk to him and making a face as in he understand what we said XD The problem is... He didn't like it when I carry him T_T He'll cry and I need to call my sister to make peace with him. So everytime I babysit him, I always ended up making him cry T___T Why you hate your aunty so much???? T____T *sniff*

2. Sang Pemimpi (The Dreamer)
The second book of the tetralogy of Laskar Pelagi. I think this book is better than the first one. It really moves me, I cried in some parts T_______T To me this book is like a wake up call for me, reminds me of something I totally forgot: Dreaming. Arai reminds Ikal that sometimes, being a realist can tricked you into being a pessimist. Arai, the "simpai keramat" who reminds us to dream.

For people like us, all we have is dream. Without it... we're dead.
I really can't wait to read the third book!
*simpai keramat is Melayu Belitong's name for people who is the only survivor in the family, means all of the family he has are dead, only him left.

3. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
Ok, I know it's super late for me to read this book, one of the reason why is because I still can't accept the truth that Dumbledore is dead :( But this time I make myself to read the book, and I'm not dissapointed. The last book of Harry Potter is one of the best in the series. I love the plot twist, the back story, and the ending. Because of this book I also see Severus Snape in different light. I think I'm in love with him now~! I'm so sad that he's dead T___T Before I read this book I already suspect that Snape actually love Lily, but I never expect that he loooooveee her that much. When I read the part where Harry see Snape's memory from the pensieve, I cried and hug the book T_____T One of the reason why at the end Voldemort fails also because he never expect that Lily is Snape's eternal love. I also kind of pity him and sooooo geram with Dumbledore because after all Snape did, by the end he just used him T___T Dumbledore is my favorite character in Harry Potter, but I feel soooooooooooo mad when I know that. *sniff*

4. Kaze Hikaru vol.24
One of my favorite manga, the plot is quite cliche, about a girl that disguise herself as a boy to join Shinsengumi. But I looooooooooooooooove it :P I think I like how Taeko Watanabe make the characterization. As usual, I never liked the main character :P But I loveeeeee Hijikata and Saito xD This manga usually released every 3 months in Indonesia T___T so slow, but that's because the manga still ongoing, the latest one is vol 25 D:

5. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
This movie really really dissapoint me. Even after I guessed that it would be sucks and lowered my expectation, I still thinkthat it really sucks. The story is terribly developed, the effects are bad, and the most terrible crime that they did was to SCREWED my favorite character, Deadpool. WTH man, they turned Deadpool into mouthless, teleported, wolverine-style katana weilder? At first I'm still okay when they make Wade Wilson (Deadpool's real name) as a maskless hunk. But then they turned him into some unfunny mindless android? This movie sucks, end of story. Even naked Hugh Jackman can't save it.

6. Laskar Pelangi
The movie that I've been waiting for. The book is fantastic, sadly (but not surplisingly) the movie is not as good as the book. I think there's no climax and solution in this movie, since they cut lots of parts. Many characters also not developed, they only focused on Ikal, Lintang and Mahar in this movie. Even though the story disspaoints me, I think it has beautiful pictures. Many great shots, and I think this movie is something different than teeny-bloopers romance movie that Indonesia always produced.

7. Star Trek
Just watched it yesterday, and it really impressed me. I have no expectation whatsoever for this movie, I really don't expect anything and this movie wins my heart. The most satisfying movie that I watched this year, so far. I think this movie is like this year's Iron Man. A movie that surprisingly I liked, and makes me feels satisfied after I watched it. It's has the sad elements, but there's also lots of fun. It's fast moving too, which I really like. Plus, Spock is really sexy. Can't get enough if his voice :P A must watch movie.

Ok, that's it! Actually I still have one more book, but I haven't finished reading it, I didn't inclue it here. So, how's your holiday? :D