Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ha! 8D

Just back from Sunway Pyramid, wanted to buy some clothes and stuffs, but end up with nothing =________=;;;

Suddenly I feel like to do some "research" about myself in internet 8D
I type my name in Google search engine, and surprisingly I actually quite "famous" in L'Arc~en~Ciel community LOL. I can find my name credited mostly in L'Arc~en~Ciel BBS or forum. Guess I was so active back then...
About L'Arc, don't know why lately I lost my passion to love them like I did before. Well, I mean I still love them, but not as much as like... 1-2 years ago? Even until now I haven't hear DRINK IT DOWN single at all. Also tetsu that I always think as the cutest creature ever can't make me drool anymore. I don't know why. Since the first time I got my laptop, never I put anybody but him in my desktop. But now, he's been replaced by Sweeney Todd 8D;;; (actually I want Viggo >.<)
Nesia said that she was surprised that I CAN change my desktop wallpaper to anybody but tetsu ^^;;;
Yeah, but seems like tetsu is not my no.1 man anymore. Guess who'll replace him? 8D

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


After re-watched The Lord of The Rings again last holiday, I fall in love again with the series. I plan to read the trilogy but of course with the current state of money I am in right now I can't afford the books =.= I must wait until CNY and then buy the books in Indonesia, because they're far cheaper there. I also want to get The Hobbit and The Simarillion, but don't know if I can get them in Jambi.

College start again... still lazy in the first week :p Feels like I still need more holiday~
My result is quite good :)
Design Method I: A-
Visual Fundamental I: B+
Digital Media I: B+
Typography: B

Actually I think I won't get A for design method, because my last work is not so good =/ Lucky me still can get A after the not-so-good and late submission.
New term, new hellish schedule, 6 subjects with 7 classes will really kill MM students this term =.= I of all of us can survive~ now in our class only got 8 survivors LOL I hope the number won't decreased next term.
Today talk with Chen, and she said she want to try another style that different from her usual style. I think that's a good idea, maybe I'll give it a try too...