Sunday, August 16, 2009

Terrible Week

I don't know how long have I abandoned this blog. I've been so emo lately, thanks to the super difficult visa requirement. Constant call from my sis and mom also not helping. Please stop implying that I didn't do anything to make this easier. I'm sorry if I sounded so annoyed when I pick up the calls, but yelling at me and blaming me for the late visa really makes me sick. It's not my fault if the Uni haven't give me the visa letter, I myself don't want to drag the progress.

Since last week I've tried many ways to settle the problems, but there's always something that prevent me from doing so. I run to 4 offices and 3 banks in Subang, PJ and KL for nothing. The only correct information that I got led me to Wangsa Maju, but I still have problems with my bank statement. I tried to send it as fast as I can and I still can't make it on time. I was so frustrated that I almost cry in the middle of the road. I almost lost hope and think that maybe I'm not supposed to get it, maybe I should just wait until next year. Luckily I'm more stubborn that I myself think. Now, one problem down but I still need to wait until Tuesday to see if the bank in my hometown could help to settle the problem.

Another thing about Uni, my mom tell me to just stay in the dorm since she's so worried about me. Actually at fist me and Chris plan to stay together outside the dorm in a flat, but because my mom still do not agree, I ended up in dorm. Let's hope I still can get a room in the dorm.

Tomorrow I'll go back to Wangsa Maju to take the translation of my certificate then take it to Indonesian embassy to get it legalized. Let's see if fate decided to screw my life again.

Radiohead - Bulletproof... I Wish I Was