Saturday, May 31, 2008

Random Things

1. Dream about my cats twice, first I dream that a big furry dog taking care of my lost cats and last night I dream the father cat who kidnap my cats is biting my hands! Some more my dog, Asterix, run away in my dream, keep screaming his name but can't find him :(

2. Watching Gossip Girl, and loving it! Fall in love with Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), even though sometimes I feel like karate-chopping his head. An anti-hero gentleman/bastard that has twisted thinking.

Fall in love too with Gossip Girl's clothes! They're all sooooooooo nice! Loving Blair's style.

3. Taking photos in KLCC and Subang area, a Caucasian guy stare at me like I'm a crazy girl when I try to take photo of a bird.

4. Broke after have some shopping this weekend, got a cute top and a nice shorts.

5. Something wrong with my Ragnarok Online patcher! Currently can't play :(

6. Been appearing offline in MSN for few days, dunno why.

Friday, May 30, 2008


This is what I got when I restarted my computer just now.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Blame Her Sugar High-ness

Been playing trivia about corporate colors with my classmates today. From serious guess until crazy guess like our lecturers underwear LOL. And guess whose lecturer's underwear that we mention? 8D I'll let your imagination run here :p I blame Chen and her sugar high for this. her sugar high today even scare Joanne, make Wahyu shocked and hide his man boobs, scare Kelvin also and she also dare me to steal a bicycle in front of us. Well, it's Chen afterall! 8P

Oh yeah, also watch The Orphanage today. A very nice movie, really love the story, but still making me scared to death. I think almost 30% of the time I close my eyes with my jacket, only peeping for a while, gasping, and then cover my eyes again. Poor Dee who also afraid with horror movies can't cover her eyes. Chen keep telling her not to cover her eyes while Chen herself covering her eyes LOL. Wow, Chen really become the main topic for today's entry. Will stop before she kill me. With her sugar high-ness.

Well, I put a tracking counter in this blog as you guys maybe noticed. And guess what I see?
Somehow somebody that key in Hazmer's nickname end up in my blog LOL. Also about the potong rambut, seems like my hair cutting entry become popular in google. Somebody even key in my lecturer name and end up in my blog xD My entry about The Tender Hook also make some poor Hugo Weaving/Rose Byrne/any cast in The Tender Hook fan end up in my blog.

Wow 8D

Mobil Will be The Death of Me

It's 3.22 am now, and I still researching for my assignment. I'm still lamenting a bit on how could I got Mobil's website to redesign. I really know nothing about car, fuels, etc @_@ But in real work later I really can't choose my client though, so can't do anything but to research madly because I know nothing about fuels and cars while I must redesign an oil company's website @_@

Still see Chen and Wahyu online in MSN now, at least I'm not alone :p Even though I envy Sel that already sleep since 3 hours ago T____T

Plan to watch The Orphanage with classmates tomorrow today, dunno if my eyes can keep open when watch the movie. Some more I hate horror movie, but Chen insisted that even though scary, The Orphanage is not a horror movie. Which confuse me @_@

Argghh enough resting now, must continue doing my assignment again. Go me!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Don't Try to Wake Me Up

I always hated anything, anybody that wake me up, because surely I can't sleep anymore even though I'm so tired. One of the reason why I hate the song "Fur Elise", because it was my alarm clock's song for many years when I was in primary school. That also happened to all songs that I set for my cellphone's alarm, that's why now I stopped setting songs for my alarm, because I'll only ended up hating the song.

I even hate it when anybody try to wake me up, even though they really need me to wake up. I always feel VERY annoyed and sleep again for 5 minutes, then wake myself up. Yes, I only like to wake up when it's me the only one who makes me wake up. That's why I always be the first one who wake up in the morning when we have morning class, so nobody have to wake me up but myself.

The only thing that I still love when it wake me up is only my cellphone :p but I still hate the song anyway. And the only person who I like to wake me up are my sisters, since they always have many different ways in waking me up and entertain me at the same time LOL. Even my mum know that I don't like when anybody wake me up so when she need to wake me up she'll just call my phone and make it rings =_=;;;

And it sucks when your room is near to the main door, means when anybody outside make noise I'll wake up instantly. Just now there's a kid that keep banging and screaming outside, makes me wake up when I just started my sleep. UGH. I think I nearly want to go outside and shout "shut up!" to that kid =__= Really, my mood when I just woke up like that is worse than an angry orc. Want to sleep again but I can't anymore =___= Will play games for awhile to lighten my mood!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Steven's Reaction: Priceless

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
aku potong pendek loh (I cut [my hair] short)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
pendeekkkk nian (veryyyyy short) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
*sweat* a very very melancholic mode......' says:
napoooo (whyyyy)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
sedagu rambut ([as long as] my chin)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
hahahahhaa a very very melancholic mode......' says:
idak wen (no wen) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
aku lg di canana (I'm in canana) a very very melancholic mode......' says: a very very melancholic mode......' says:
liat potonyo nyuds (see the photo nyus) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
poto (photo)

Wendy says:
canana tuh dimano? (where's canana?) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
poto (photo) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
canada (canada)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
tar yo (wait)

Wendy says:
tanyu tambah gemuk? lol (tanyu become fatter? LOL) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
bukannyo kemaren kau bru nanyo aku dimano wen (I thought yesterday you asked me where I am wen) a very very melancholic mode......' says:

Wendy says:
kau dak serius sih jawabnyo (you're not seriously answer it)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
iyoo (yesss)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
aku tambah gemukkn tauu (I become fatter you knowww)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
balek jambi semua bilang aku lebih gemukk (I go back to jambi all tell me I'm fatter)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
temen aku dak sopan bilang aku melebar (my friend tell me I become wider) a very very melancholic mode......' says: a very very melancholic mode......' says: a very very melancholic mode......' says:

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHHA a very very melancholic mode......' says:
KENAPO DIPOTONG NYUS (WHY YOU CT [IT] NYUS) a very very melancholic mode......' says:

Wendy says:
jangan dipotong donk T_______T (don't cut it T_______T)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
patah hati aku ven (I'm heart broken ven) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
hahahaha a very very melancholic mode......' says:
dak tau (dunno) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
aneh be... (just weird)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
LOL a very very melancholic mode......' says:
mungkin krn selama ini liat kau panjang terus (maybe because I used to see you in long [hair]) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
btw kau nyimpen rambut panjang kau? (btw, you keep your long hair?) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
buat apo? (for what?)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
dak lah (no lah)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
gilo (crazy)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
itu poto di salon kok (the photo in salon)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
tenang la (calm down)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
rambut aku cepet panjang (my hair become long fast)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
gek pas liburan pasti la lebih panjang (later when holiday it'll definitely get longer) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
nyus... a very very melancholic mode......' says:
janji jgn kau potong lg nyus... (promise you'll never cut it again)

Wendy says:
buat bikin Stop Post (for making Stop Post) a very very melancholic mode......' says: a very very melancholic mode......' says:

Wendy says:
simpen rambut panjang sohee (keep Sohee's long hair)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
iyo2 ven (yes2 ven) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
*masih shock* *speechless* (*still shock*) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
dak jelek...cuma ...weird rasonyo... (not bad...just...feels weird) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
mungkin belom kebiaso yoh.. (maybe I'm not used to it..) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
dpp life new style... (no problem life new style...) a very very melancholic mode......' says:
sekali2 coba something new..(once in a while try something new)

Wendy says:
dak mau liat foto aku ven? (don't want to see my photo ven?) a very very melancholic mode......' says:

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
potong rambut: RM30 (cut hair: RM30)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
reaksi steven: priceless (Steven's reaction: priceless)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
LOL a very very melancholic mode......' says:

Wendy says:
rugi! (a disadvantage!)

Wendy says:
rambut ud dipotong, bayar pulo ([they] cut your hair, [and you] must pay too!)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
cuma kau lah (only you)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:
orang yg logikanyo aneh gitu (the only person who got that weird logic)

tanyus「dot dot dot」 says:

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dot dot dot

Yea, dot dot dot. Why? Because lately I really don't know what to update in this blog. Nothing interesting happened so far, except for a bad news about my kittens from my mom. But I really feel like don't want to talk about it here. *sigh*

Well, lately I've been visiting Youtube often and listening to Bryan Adams' song, Heaven, a lot. Seen the video on Youtube and think the music clip is quite cool for 80's music clip :)

Ughh and don't know why I really can't find what I want when I go for shopping. There's a shoes in Vincci+ that I love but there's no size for me =.= why the smallest size must be 5???? Many feet is only size 3 or 4! =.= Also saw some nice tops in Topshop yesterday, but again, no size for me =.=! Really have no luck in shopping lately.

Oh yea! Finally watch Indiana Jones yesterday :) Love love love Cate Blanchett, fierce and elegant as usual :) And I think Harrison Ford looks a bit like Richard Gere there :p The movie is funny and entertaining, even though in some part of the story I feel it's a bit forced to be like that. But overall it's a nice movie, and I love the screenplay a lot.

On another random thing, me and my friends try to find name for my new baby, Nikon D40 camera! :D At first I randomly pick the name "Adek Tan" but when I tell my friend they said the name is so "tak pantas". Sorry, dunno what tak pantas in Malay or English language but it a bit like "not suitable", but even worse than that. So here's the name candidate:

Brad: German Grandpa (me: What the heck????)
Wendy: Baphomet (rejected instantly, my camera is not a monster!)
Me: Tanyus Jr (prevented from choosing this name by Steven)
Bread (Brad: I don't know if it's a sarcasm or praise, rejected)
Franc Cabernet (Brad: and you said guys are useless! D: you named your camera a guy! Some more people will think you're a wine enthusiast!)
Fran Cabernet (to make it as a girl name, rejected too)
Bedak (my friends laugh at this name uncontrollably, rejected)

So at the end of the conversation I still named my camera Adek Tan :p

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Perihal Keris ,Fotografi dan Kasut

Having videography class today, and our class divided into two groups for our documentary assignment. At first I'm so disappointed with the group division, because actually I'm more interested in Tio Chew Cuisine topic rather than the Keris topic. Having experienced supernatural stuff twice makes me paranoid, and in Keris topic I think I'll experience it again. I feel so upset, and I think it really shows, because Chen told me I really looked upset. Good thing I can gain control of myself quickly, think about the positive part, and I'm ready to do the documentary. But I think it quite affecting me today, because I still feel a bit disappointed even though now I've already try to get over it. But I'll promise I'll try to make it not affecting my work later. If I must do something that frightening me, I'll also make sure I'll get a good result later. Wish me luck! :)

For photography class, yesterday I pick Scars as my topic, but then I think I'll face many difficulties in that topic. Some more I'm not so sure and satisfied with my choice, so I decided to tell Wei Meng that I need to think again about it. In the marketing class suddenly I got the idea of taking different body parts of different model (human), then later combine and restructure it into one whole human. I got the idea from a movie that I watched last holiday, Proof. The movie is about a blind photographer. Because he's blind and can't see exactly what he'll shoot, some of his photograph only shows some part of the model's body. One day his housemaid/housekeeper or whatever she is, curious about the guy that recently close with the main character and try to find out by combining those 'uncomplete' picture of the guy.

Russel Crowe back then in 1991
Yea, the result is a cubism-like picture. Interesting, right? ;) I hope Wei Meng will approve my idea :D

Btw, apart from my college life, today I found a very fabulous picture of mary jane-like shoes with many buckles in the forum that I joined.

Damn, I wish I could find a shoes like that. Lately I've been lusting after multiple buckled shoes. Will do some hunting for shoes this weekend!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pizza Disaster

Well, were having pizza for dinner and regret it =________=

Once upon a time, there's 3 hungry girls named Tanyus, Selvia, and Nesia. Those girls were so hungry that they ordered pizza set consist of 2 regular pizza, 2 pan pizza, and chicken wings. Those 'korban iklan' girls greedily eat those pizza, but what they don't realize is the limit of their stomach. But they keep struggling to finish those pizzas even though they feel like vomiting when they see those pizza. Finally they could finish those pizza, but unfortunately the pizza curse already go on their stomach. Everytime they see pizza, their face will give you the 'makjang' face.

Seriously, I really really won't touch or even see pizza for some time now =.= Don't you guys try to ask me to eat pizza, because I'll really give you the 'makjang OMG WTH notpizzaagainplease' face to you.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


In one of the forums that I joined, there's a topic about quiz. One of the forum member suggest a quiz from I'm quite interested with other member's result, so I take mine also :) So... here's my result!

Can't believe I'm a strategist while I hate strategy games
Click to view my Personality Profile page

NT (Intellectual)

INTJ Population
Total: 1.5%
Male: 2.5%
Female: 0.5%

Wow, only 0.5% female from 1.5% total got the result. I'm one of the rare human species LOL.
So... What the heck INTJ is?
"...approach reality as they would a giant chess board, always seeking strategies that have a high payoff, and always devising contingency plans in case of error or adversity."
Honestly I don't really understand the first explanation, but I think it's about INTJ people being a strategist individual?
", values solitude, perfectionist, detached, private... does not talk about feelings, hard to impress, analytical, likes esoteric things..."
- Jung Type Descriptions (INTJ) (
I really don't think I'm perfectionist, but other than that most of those are true. Especially the esoteric ones LOL, Steven ever told me that most of the time I liked something that most people not interested in. Detached, a skill and knowledge that I learned from Cindy. I always know that nothing last forever, and attachment is not a good thing to solve this. One day we must let go.
"To outsiders, INTJs may appear to project an aura of "definiteness", of self-confidence. This self-confidence, sometimes mistaken for simple arrogance by the less decisive, is actually of a very specific rather than a general nature; its source lies in the specialized knowledge systems that most INTJs start building at an early age. When it comes to their own areas of expertise -- and INTJs can have several -- they will be able to tell you almost immediately whether or not they can help you, and if so, how."
- INTJ Profile (TypeLogic)
Not sure about this one, but I hope people not look at me as an arrogant bitch.
"At work, INTJs use their conceptual strengths to analyze situations and then develop models to understand and anticipate through relentlessly to reach their goals. They will continue on with their plans, even in the face of adversity and data that might suggest to other more practical types that their goals are no longer feasible. By nature, INTJs are independent individualists."
Independent, yes. I'm proud being an independent girl that won't cling to other people all the time for help. And the one with still going with the plan, it's so me LOL. Even though my plan start to go wrong I'll still keep going. Hantam saja rather than repeat all over again. Sometimes I think I need to be more flexible though.
"INTJs are natural leaders, although they usually choose to remain in the background until they see a real need to take over the lead. When they are in leadership roles, they are quite effective, because they are able to objectively see the reality of a situation, and are adaptable enough to change things which aren't working well. They are the supreme strategists - always scanning available ideas and concepts and weighing them against their current strategy, to plan for every conceivable contingency. "
- Portrait of an INTJ (The Personality Page)
Natural leader? O___o I don't think so. The last time I become a leader in our Installation Project, I feel like my team member either feel scared or intimidated by me =.= It's like they scream inside "It's Tanyus!!! Don't you dare to piss her off! Just do your work like what she said!"
Am I that scary as a leader? =______=
In conclusion, lesson no.1 for you: Don't you ever makes me as a leader unless you have no other choice.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Tender Hook

Just got the news about Hugo's new movie, The Tender Hook, have a new trailer and poster out. The Tender hook is an indie film noir from Australia. If you not yet know, I'm a fan of Hugo Weaving and when I watch the trailer I feel like jumping because there he sings! OMG even though I think the lyrics is a bit doh to me at the end, but it's still his voice that sings! Oh, I'm completely in love again with him

He sings!

Selvia ever commented that he's not handsome at all, but hey! It's not that he's not handsome, it's just that he's unconventionally handsome, ok! Some more he he got a very sexy voice, just watch V for Vendetta and you'll know how amazing his voice is~

Another movie of him that I want to watch is "The Wolfman". I think it'll be the only horror movie that I'll watch willingly LOL. As much as I hate horror movie, I will at least try to watch it because there's Hugo in that movie :p There he played Detective Aberline, a Scotland detective trying to solve the mystery.
Not my favorite look of him D: But I still want to see anyway
Enough fangirlism in this blog, will swooning over him by myself now <3

Friday, May 16, 2008

New Hair, etc etc

Finally I cut my hair short today! Quite satisfied with my new hair, even though when I see my .

My poor long hair
So here's the final outcome!
It looks better than the photo, I swear!
It looks nicer than the photo actually. It's just that I'm a bad model :p
Some more the photo quality is not good because I'm using my webcam to take the photo. I show my sister my new hair and she's quite freak out when she see my super short hair XD

Since 4 years ago I always have long hair, so I think it's time to change it~! And I don't like to do it halves, so I cut it into an extremely short cut! And how I love it~ <3 style="text-align: center;">My new shorts
I guess it won't be the last shorts that I buy because I plan to buy more shorts! This term you'll see me more on shorts that skirt or trouser jeans~!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Just now I sms-ed Hazmer to ask him continue out tuition, but guess what his reply!
"Can... But only this coming week cannot, becoz I'm going to your place, Bali for holiday :p"
When I read the sms I'm going like "What the????? BALI!!! AAAAAA I ALSO WANTTT!!!!"
I sms Chen about that and let's see if we can come out with a plan to sabotage his holiday fufufu >:)

Failed Plan & First Week Summary in TOA

Actually today I plan to try this recipe, so I go to Giant to buy the ingredients that I need. But unfortunately I can't find the asparagus that I want :((( The one that I want is the smaller and slim one, not a big one like I found in Giant =.= So yeah, really potong stim, I already plan to cook the recipe since yesterday and I remember that in Giant there got the asparagus that I want. But my plan really gone wrong T.T I go home with empty hands, and to make it even worse Nesia forgot to call me when she go out from house, so I can't enter the house because I don't have the key for the new lock T____T Luckily she's not far yet so I can go to fetch the key. Same thing happened in WebDesign 2 class today. I go to toilet and when I want to enter the class I can't enter because I not yet updated my card. Even though inside got my classmate, they also can't open because of the same reason as me. I must wait outside like an idiot until my lecturer and tutor come T.T

So far the first week in TOA is quite okay, but I know after this week we will go mad like before.
On Monday we got WebDesign 2 - Tutorial with Eugene and Chong. Their class seems quite fun, the lecturers are nice to talk to and so far the lesson is not boring.

For Tuesday we got Photography class, so from this semester I got my own SLR camera, yay! Our lecturer is Wei Meng while the tutor is May Yin, and I can see that she really really has passion in photography. And I'm quite fascinated with the antique camera that she bring
to class that day. Too bad Selvia miss the class that day, I'm sure she will really lust after the antique camera :p

The Antique Camera
On Wednesday we got Videography and Marketing Class. In Videography class the lecturer is Kenny and the tutor is (again) May Yin. After the class we commented that Kenny still speak the same way as last last term when he first teach us XD Actually I'm quite worried for this class even though I think the class is very interesting. I think this class might be the toughest one. And really, the group separation makes me worried too. I just can hope I'll get a good group member for this class. If not, I'm sure everything will be so screwed up. So far me and Chen has the same direction about what we want to do for this class, so I hope we will be placed in the same group. Even though my other classmates commented that we must be separated though, because they think we're the only person in class that can handle the position as a Producer.

Actually I think almost everyone in class can be a producer, it's only that most of us will prefer the Artsy stuff rather than non-artsy stuff =.= I think I can handle the position as a producer cause I like organizing something, but I also think that I must try other position that I less good at so I can improve my skills in other part. So I really hope somebody will willingly take the producer part and let me take the other part. But I think nobody want to be a producer though, and in the end I'll still end up as a producer =.= Let's hope not.

For marketing class fortunately Vincent, our lecturer, let us to have 6 member in our group to do the assignment, so we don't have any difficulties so far :) But I think the class a bit boring... Even though I think Vincent is a nice lecturer :)

On Tuesday we got WebDesign 2 - Lecture, the only class in morning. Here me met Chong and Joanne Ng again :) So glad to have Joanne as our tutor, because I really like Joanne. I think she's a very helpful and nice tutor. The class is okay, because I like WebDesign I think. Today we already need to submit our assignment that been given in Monday T.T Please check my artwork in my design blog! It's a quick-making website for an Aromatherapy website, for more info just go to the design blog :)

Wow, finally I can end my entry for today. Dunno why everytime I tell myself to write short entry only, it always ended up as a long entry. I guess not everybody will read it untill the end because it started to get boring :p

Usually I never updated my blog as frequently as this, but I feel like I must change my 'nomadic' style in writing blog LOL. My blog in one hosting never last long because I keep get bored and stopped writing my blog. Let's hope the fate of this blog not as bad as my other blog!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Holiday Part 3

8th May 2008
Finally I must go to the city that I HATE most, Jakarta. I hate this city because of it's terrible city organization, annual flood, narrow roads on housing complex, terrible air pollution, etc etc etc. I always feel squeezed everytime I come to Jakarta. And weirdly, I always feel sick, even become really sick if I stay there too long. But I have no choice anyway, the easiest way to come to Malaysia from my hometown only through Jakarta :(

I arrive at Jakarta at 11.30am, but my sister only can pick me up on 2.30pm! Can't blame her, a dam near the airport decided to be broken on the day I come =.= so my sister trapped in jam for 3 hours with her husband, some more that day actually they need to work, but because they want to pick me up they miss the work that day :( I can't stop apologize to my sis and her husband, I really felt bad to cause such a trouble. But yeah, I really can't use taxi to go to their house, they just moved to their new house, and I don't know where it is. My sister worried I'll get lost, so she decided to pick me up.

They way to go back is not better either. We go round and round until we just arrived in my sister's area at 5pm. We go eat bakso first before we go home, and the bakso taste so good! Then we hurriedly go back home because I'll be meeting my friend at 7pm. But in the end I still come late though T.T

At 7.30 I met Hermanto alias Cou cou, my best friend in high school. How I missed him! He still the same gossipy Cou Cou that I know :D He really is the only guy that I know to know more gossips that girls do! Same old Cou Cou, it's really fun to char with him. And he give me an Indonesia design magazine and A book for me as my birthday present! :) After that we go to Sushi Groove for dinner. But before that... We go to toilet first. What's the big deal about toilet? That's because an old joke between us, everytime we go out don't know why he always need to go to toilet, and he always report to me =.=! His usual "Nyi, aku mau ke toilet dulu"
Don't know why, ALWAYS. Even girl not always go to toilet like him hahaha. And he still call me "Anyi", wierd reconstruction from my name "Yani". Yea, in high school we always have a "special" name for each of us.
Cindy -> Achinchin
Hermanto -> Cou cou (from Zhou, his surname)
Steven -> tepen, ven ven
Wendy -> Wen wen
Nesia -> A sia
Me -> Anyi, anyus, tanyu
Actually before dinner we want to surprise Cindy by calling her, but she didn't pick up her phone :( Dunno why among us, only Cindy that is hard to get in touch :(
After that we go around shopping and take some pictures :)
At 9 pm my sister pick me up and I have my 2nd round of dinner, woohoo! We go to eat ayam taliwang, a traditional Lombok food. And I taste AMAZING. Even though I already full from eating sushi, I still eat two portion of rice hahaha!

9th May, 00.10ish
Go back home, and I watch 10,000BC. Not so good I think, but my sister like it anyway. After we watch I go to toilet, and when I go back to the bedroom, suddenly the room goes dark and my sister and her husband already there singing Happy Birthday to me and there's a chocolate cake as my birthday cake! I felt reall really happy that I giggling like mad LOL. I'm super happy, ok! Really don't expect any surprise from them :) After blow my candles and make a wish we retired and go to sleep. The cake will have to wait until morning :p

Wake up, and have nothing to do because my sister and her husband need to go to work. So I just watch DVDs and receiving some calls and sms about my birthday :)
Watched the Golden Compass and Good Luck Chuck. The Golden Compass not as bad as people said I think. Good Luck Chuck is a common romance comedy, but it quite entertaining.

On 6pm-ish my sister pick me up, and then we go to have dinner in Samudra Seafood for my birthday :) Both my sister and their husband there too, the first time I celebrate with them, not on plane that take me back to Malaysia like last year :(
We order LOTS LOTS of food. For the dessert alone I eat 4 puddings! @_@ we really order lots of food that after we eat I felt like just rolling on the floor to go back to the car @_@

Go back home, watching Indonesian Idol. I think the guys are really really good. I like Aris' voice, his voice really really stand out among other contestant. But the girls is just okay I think, I'm not so impressed by their voice.

Actually that night me and my sister plan to not sleep until so late, but then we become super tired, and decided to just sleep.

My holiday finally come to the end :( at 10th May I go back to Malaysia, go back to TOA, and resume my "student life". Means not sleep and eat properly, become a temporary workalcoholic, and many other disastrous kind of lifestyle >_>

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Holiday Part 2

The nice surprise is...
We got cats in our house!!!! Yes, you read it right, catS.
Means not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 5 cats in my house! XD
OMG it's like a cat farm XD
Why it surprise me? Because all I know is my family not too fond of cat, so why suddenly there's 5 cats in my house? Wow!
So here's the story (courtesy of my mum) how the cat can ended up in our house.
For your information, we open a small shop mini-mart like in my hometown, so the cat can easily just go inside my house. Two months ago, a pregnant cat come to our shop, my mum almost want to shoo it out, but then the cat give birth in our shop, in storage room for details. There she gave birth for 4 lovely kittens. My mum and dad don't have the heart to just throw out those new born kittens, so they just let them stay in our storage room since then! My mum said she didn't really mind because the cat easy to take care of, so she just keep them there. I'm so happy, okay! Of all my family member, only me the one who like cats! They're super cute XD
I want to take proper photo of them, but it's a VERY HARD thing to do because they're keep moving here and there! So energetic XD The only time they can stand still is only when mommy cat give them their daily milk~

top left: Elros, top right: Celebrian, bottom left: Elrond, botton right: Galadriel
Elrond and Elros bundle up together for napDaily supplies of milk!Mummy cat taking a nap with her kittensmy favorite kitten, Elrond XD
Cute, right! XD It's sooooo nice to play with them! At first they really scared of me, but later they become so energetic, even strach me and keep chasing me! I'm sooooo happy! I even thought about taking one of them to Malaysia with me, but I know that's impossible :( Our shared apartment here too small to raise a pet, and not all my housemate like cat :(
I guess if I keep talking about my 5 cute cats I wouldn't be able to stop, so let me continue my talk about my holiday!

22nd April 2008 - 8th May 2008
Can't really remember chronologically what I do in my hometown, but here's the thing that I do:
1. Helping my parents to run our shop
2. Going for culinary tour with my favorite cousin, Jessica :D
3. Playing with kittens
4. Take care of sick mommy cat
5. Reading lots of books, thanks to Chris for lending me lots of nice books!
6. Thinking and introspecting a bit about my study
7. Playing my good old Playstation!
8. Playing strategy game that I terrible in playing it
And now I'm not as bad as before, ok! Before I only can pass the first 2 stages, but now I can pass until 5 stages! :D patience is virtue! I'm not good in games, but I still love to play :p
9. Eat
I eat a LOT, people started telling me that I'm getting fatter than before. Will elaborate later :p
10. Go shopping with my mum

11. Walking around my small home town, yes, WALK
12. Teaching my auntie how to write Chinese characters using computer
My auntie is very passionate in teaching and studying! Even though she's already in her 60s, she still study mandarin, even teach some kids! At first there's just 3 people that asked her to teach them, but now there's already more than 20, and my auntie teach them for free! She's one of my favorite auntie :D
13. Talk a lot with my mum
14. Hearing family gossips among my aunties :p
15. Go to my auntie's new house
16. Not touching my laptop everyday, just sometimes
It's a very amazing thing, ok! Since I come to Malaysia to study in The One Academy, it's VERY RARE for me to not touch my laptop for every 3 hours or less!
17. Reading my writings
I used to write some short stories that I never finish! I always know the whole story in my head already, but then when I need to write it, my mind goes very complicated that makes me give it up. So I read them, and I surprise myself that I'm not so bad actually! :D But I embarrassed to show it to anyone hahaha!
18. Listen to my old CDs
19. Plan to cut my hair short!
After I read the book "Norwegian Wood", suddenly I got an inspiration to cut my hair short! I'm getting tired of my curly hair, so why not make it change extremely then! But my Idea must wait until Selvia go back from China, because neither me nor Nesia remember where the Salon we usually goes for! Hahaha! I forget ok, because it's not around Sunway!
20. Stay the night at my auntie's place
Playing Wii with my cousin until my hand become sore :p Some more I always lose, never win even though just for once! Those young cousins taking advantage of the old me! :'(
21. Reading lots of LOTR fanfiction
Some more the one that I read is the slash ones! Usually I only read the humor/parody/general ones, but for this holiday I try to read slash, and to my surprise, it's not as bad as I though. Quite entertaining actually, even though there still some part that I can't take.
DON'T, DON'T you ever makes MY Elrond become so feminine, ok! He might be a lore master, scholar, etc but he also a warrior, a herald of high king before he become the Master of Imladris! I really can't take it when those slash writers make Elrond become terribly feminine!
DON'T, DON'T, DON'T you ever make Glorfindel sounds so weak, ok! He's the mighty Balrog slayer! Even Nazgul run away from his wrath! I hate it when Glorfindel become the weak ones, the feminine ones. In my imagination Glorfindel always be the hero huhuhu! So making him the bottom ones really breaking my heart ok! He's always a mighty but still goofy Glorfindel for me :p
Phew, so far that's the only complain. And oh yeah, I hate sad ending. So I try to avoid fanfiction where there got Gil-Galad's death there. I like Gil-Galad so much, but too bad the High King must die T___T
Err ok, I think I talk too much about the fanfiction :p Move on!

On 8th May 2008, 00.01 am My mum sms me:
"Selamat ultah yo. Kadonyo gek mak ksh *censored*"
translated: "Happy birthday. Mum will give you *censored* as present"
At first I though like this:
"Oh, wow! I'm 20 years old already! I even forgot about my birthday!"
but then when I though about it again:
"Mum! It's 8th May! My birthday is at 9th May! T______T"
Huhuhu! T________T

Ok! Will continue to the next part, my holiday in Jakarta! :D

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Holiday part 1

Three weeks of holiday bliss! I'm soooooo happy with this term break. The much deserved holiday~

Friday, 18th April 2008

Planned to woke up early because Chen said we will go to Malacca about 9am, failed miserably, woke up at 11am instead. Lucky Chen sms me said that we will leaven at 2pm. Phew!
Leave for Malacca at 2pm, go to TOA for a while, taking Richard's photography work. Chatted with Chen along the way, share few stories with her :)
Arrive in Malacca about 5pm and greeted by a botak schnauzer! Hahahaha that schnauzer is Jacky, Chen's pet :) He's lovely, got the kind of "I'm sorry please don't hate me sob" look LOL. But Jacky looks a bit tired, Chen said that Jacky just recovered, that's why he's not as energetic as always. Go to pasar malam about 6pm, meet Chen's best friends there, Ju and (correct me if I'm wrong) Yen. Walk along pasar malam, ended up buy gorengan too much =.= Also eat a Yuyu Ice there. It taste so nice! Must have it again if I come to Malacca next time!
Go back home and watch Amazing Race (laughing at the "goth couple" naming and wondering how if Wahyu and Selvia paired for this race LOL). The watch movie "Last Knight" about king arthur thingy, seeing Chen swooning over Richard Gere and throwing something (an empty box I think, but I don't remember :p) when she get angry in certain scene hahahaha!
About 11pm suddenly I feel SUPER sleepy, so I didn't join Chen and her friends to mamak. Sleep peacefully instead~

Saturday, 19th April 2008
Woke up late (again) hahaha! Lucky we still have some time. Plan to change our money in bus station, but the Money changer not open yet =.=
Read "First They Killed My Father" along the way to Singapore, a book about a Cambodian girl that live when Pol Pot still become the dictator of Cambodia. Love the book very much! It's so touching, I almost cried when her sister died T.T Why they're so cruel! Grr! Will talk about book later, will focused this entry about my holiday first :p
Story about me and Chen's journey in Singapore you can look in her blog, she has written in her entry and there has many lovely photograph that she took there :)

so... let me jump to:
Monday, 21st April 2008
Go to Batam about 8.40pm Singapore time, arrive about 8pm West Indonesian time 8D
My uncle fetch me, then treat me to eat pecel lele. How I miss Indonesian food! My uncle even buy extra sambal pecel just for me! :D
Wanna see my little cousins, but too bad they already sleep :(
That night I sleep early, because my mom said the plane to Jambi went from Batam on 9am but actually...

Tuesday, 22nd April 2008
the plane is for 9.30am =.= Hey, listen to me first before you say "It's only 30 minutes!"
In small cities, where you can go almost everywhere for only 15 minutes, go earlier means you wasting your time waiting, ok! So I ended up arrive too early and wait there =.=
Bring two big alcohol drink (Martel, I think) that my father asked my uncle to buy. And you know what? The security stop me like a criminal! =.= Pfft! Asking me many question, his boss even tell me to just leave those beverages! Lucky his friend persuaded him to just let me pass. So I pass, and there I met my relatives in waiting room. Not a close one, but we knew each other, so we end up chat together. At least I'm not alone in airport~
Arrive in Jambi finally! My beloved hometown! :') I'm touched! But my father FORGET to fetch me in airport. So I must wait about 15 minutes in airport before he come. Good that I live in small city! Everywhere is very near, from my house to airport you just need to go straight, meet traffic light, go straight again until you meet traffic light again, and then go straight AGAIN until you see the airport! How lovely is that? LOL
And when I go back I met a nice surprise...

I'll continue later in part 2!
Now I need to go to Ragnarok Online, my friend waiting for me there :p