Saturday, November 29, 2008

What's in My Brain When I See Patterned Tiles

Comics from XKCD

Friday, November 28, 2008

Frustated Post

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bites blanket* shite shite shite! I HATE YOU ADM!!!!!! T_______T

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yesterday and Today

Dear long
くり返す出会い の中
小さな 傷跡を
両手に抱えてる 僕ら 彷徨うばかり
この果てしない 世界を見つめる

It's so precious when you have good wishes
Open eyes and see inside of your heart
It's so precious when you have good wishes
Open eyes and see inside of your heart

孤独という 鐘の音が
祈りの言葉を 誘う
過ぎ去る 現実と
やさしく息づく 明日は
許すでしょう 迷うことはない

It's so precious when you have good wishes
Open eyes and see inside of your heart
It's so precious when you have good wishes
Open eyes and see inside of your heart

光り目指し 歩き続けてる

愛しい友よ 力無くしても
駆け抜けよう こんな時代を
愛する人よ やがて互いに
この街に  永遠(とわ)を咲かそう
そして私は いつの日か又
歌うだろう 旅立つのだろう

la la la la ........

Well, nothing lasts forever.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

5 Scenes in Comics That I Love

Since last term I've been reading some American comics by my friend's recommendation. Honestly at first I didn't expect much, because to me American comics are all just about superheroes fighting. Turns out it's not all about superheroes that save the day. Some comic with very interesting storylines like Fables (a MUST read!), clash between resposibility, belief and rights in Marvel's Civil War (Capt America died nooooooooo T_T), and many more interesting elements. So here I share some of my favorite scenes in some comics that I've read :D

1. Tony Stark's (Iron Man's) confession in Civil War - The Confession
This is the scenes that makes me forgive Iron Man. I think if they didn't include the scenes, I'll ended up hating Iron Man forever =.= Honestly, even though Iron Man in Movie version can melt my heart to cheese but Iron Man in comics makes me want to throw my high heels to his head. He's such a manipulative and stubborn jerk, but by reading the confessions I think it makes me understand him more. He got his reasons, and his reasons maybe will comes true one day so that he try to prevent it. But still, in the end he confessed that all that he did the whole time in civil war wasn't worth it with the death of Capt.

2. Bigby and Snow White's wedding in Fables #50
Actually not just the wedding scenes, but most of the scenes in this chapter but I think this scenes really seal this story. Finally happiness for Snow and Bigby (the wolf from Red Riding Hood!). Snow white who still believe that happiness can only be found in prince charming with his castles and ritches finally understand that that's not all :) Bigby finally come back to her and they marry and live happily in a land between the farm and city so they can keep their child.

3. Ambrose leading the dead to Hoemland in Fables #67
Finally Ambrose lead all those dead fables back to Homeland and establish his own kingdom with those 'ghost' fables. He also teach The Adversary some lessons about not to disturb his kingdom XD Who knows that Ambrose, former frog prince who become a mop guy in Fabletown, finally arise, lead the dead and create a kingdom? :)

4. Cable and Deadpool - Duct Tape
The funniest superhero comic I've ever read! LOLOLOLOL <--- this is how funny it is. A half insane Deadpool with mouth that can't stop talking with Cable who is more serious but still funny when it comes to replying what Deadpool said. This pair also has the best relationship (when they have different opinion about Civil War, they said they 'divorced') and partnership. Actually there's too many scenes that I love in Cable and Deadpool because of the funniness, but this scenes is the one I remember most, when Cable duct taped him(Cable: "at least 1 roll for his mouth alone") and toilet jokes that Deadpool try to use few times before.

5. Abe meet his ghost wife as Caul in B.P.R.D Yes, B.P.R.D is a spin-off from Hellboy. After Hellboy leaving B.P.R.D to know more about himself, Liz leave also to find peace and controlling her power. Abe and Roger been left alone with Abe plan to follow his friends step, leaving B.P.R.D until one day Johann Krauss joined B.P.R.D and Liz calling Abe for help. The scene that I love is when Abe finally meet his wife, but in a form of ghost who tried to keep Abe(Caul) with her forever. Abe, knowing he can't just keep living in this fake reality, force Edith to see the mirror, the reflection of what the reality is. Making Edith realize thet her place is not in living human world anymore, because she's dead. Leaving Abe with a wife he never know. Seriously, B.P.R.D and Hellboy are very good comics, not matter if you hate or love the movie, read the comic. It's amazing with many stories behind all the members. I really really fall in love with this series. Actually again, like other comics I meantion above, there's lots and lots of scenes that I love in this comics. Like Johann Krauss past, his experience on how he fall in love with a ghost that he supposed to help; Liz with his awakening of power; Abe on how he turn out to be him now; Hellboy's history, etc etc. Give it a try!

Yeah, I only put 5 here, even though there's more that I love. Honestly writing this post is harder that I thought since I'm still new in reading American comics. Those comics are awesome and I wish I can spread the awesomeness here XD Quick! Read the comics I recommend now!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Career According to Birth?

Actually it's been weeks ago since I read this article, but only now I can remember from where I got it LOL. According to research, birth position (oldest, middle, youngest, etc) will be able to affect your personalities, behavior, and learning which ended up affecting your earning power too. So here's the research:


Personality: Firstborns are ambitious, assertive, dominant and disciplined compared to their younger siblings. They're determined to succeed yet fearful of losing position and rank, and are defensive about errors and mistakes, Dattner says.

Compensation: A recent survey by found that workers who were the firstborn child in their families were more likely to earn $100,000 or more annually compared to their siblings.

Professions: The oldest tend to pursue vocations that require higher education, like medicine, engineering or law. Firstborns from the survey reported working in jobs in government, engineering, pharmacy and science. Ohio State University researchers found firstborn children were more likely to pursue "intellectual" jobs.

Job level: Workers who are firstborn are more likely to report holding a vice president or senior management position, according to the survey.

Famous firstborns: Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Winston Churchill, Sylvester Stallone and Bill Clinton.


Personality: Middle children are good at negotiation, peacemaking and compromise, Dattner says. They are easy-going, diplomatic and are usually closer to friends than family.

Compensation: More middle children identified themselves as earning $35,000 or less per year than firstborn or youngest children, according to the survey.

Professions: Middles tend to have excellent negotiating and people skills -- anything that employs these skills is a great fit. Middle children from the survey said they work in nursing, law enforcement, firefighting and machine operation.

Job level: Middle children were more likely to identify with professional and technical staff level positions in the survey. They also reported being the most satisfied with their current positions.

Famous middles: David Letterman, Richard Nixon, Madonna and Princess Diana.


Personality: Youngest children love the limelight and are used to sitting in it. They are charming, creative, have a good sense of humor and manipulate others when they want to get their way.

Compensation: Last borns were the least likely to report earning six figures, according to the survey.

Professions: Youngest children often gravitate toward artistic and outdoor jobs, according to the OSU survey. They're also successful in journalism, advertising, sales and athletics. Those who responded to the survey reported working in art, design, sales and information technology.

Job level: The majority of last borns in the survey held administrative and clerical level positions. They also reported being the least satisfied in their current jobs.

Famous younglings: Jim Carrey, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin, Cameron Diaz and Rosie O'Donnell.

Only children:

Personality: Only children are similar to firstborns in that they are motivated to conform to parental expectations, Dattner says. They are also achievement-oriented, successful in school and have problems delegating work. Research shows they are more confident, articulate and imaginative than other children. They also hate criticism and tend to be perfectionists.

Famous only children: Jack Welch, Tiger Woods, Alan Greenspan and Maria Sharapova.


Personality: Because of their equal status in terms of age and genes, twins are usually treated the same and turn out similarly. They tend to have different personalities and interests, but are closer to each other than other siblings and to have less conflict with each other than other siblings, Dattner says.

Famous twins: Abigail and Esther Friedman ("Dear Abby" and "Ann Landers"); Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen; Joel and Benji Madden; and Jenna and Barbara Bush.

So, is it true for you? To me it's really true, since I'm the youngest and I'm currently studying design. But it's not so true about my oldest and middle sister thought. I think their role is reversed :P

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Plastic Surgery Addict

Well, I think anyone who consider doing plastic surgery need to read this!

A 48 year old Korean woman who first got his plastic surgery at 28 got addicted and can't stop doing plastic surgery until her own family can't recognize her. They take her for mental treatment, but it didn't last long because of the expensive cost. She soon return to plastic surgery after that. At first no any plastic surgery doctor want to give her more plastic surgery, but then an (insane!) doctor agree to inject silicon to her face, even give her a syringe and silicone for her to inject herself! After she run out of silicon stock, she started using COOKING OIL. As we all predicted, her face become so horrible.

The amazing thing is, because of her mental disorder, even though her face already so disfigured, she still think that she get prettier and prettier everytime she did that! She only realize how her face is after the kids in her apartment complex start calling her names.

You can see more picture here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Please Help Me Hatch The Egg!

Adopt one today!
Please help me hatch the egg! You just need to click the egg. If the egg do not have enough click in 7 days then the egg will die :( So please please please click the egg? :D

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Top 5 Online Shopping Sites that I like

I love shopping. I really really do, but sometimes when the money is just not there, all I can do is just do some window shopping to cheer myself. There's few websites that I like for window shopping. Some websites with reasonable price, come with sky-high price that always makes me choked. But as a window shopper, it's always a delight for me to see nice stuff :P

From window shopping experience on the net, these are few stores that makes me scream "ARRRGGG!!! It's just too pretty!!!!! I WANT!!!!" everytime I go to their shop. So let the list begin~ :D

1. Shop Ruche
Shop Ruche is one of my favorite online shop. Nice shopping website with reasonable price, nice design, and nice range of items! I especially like the accessories, which mostly are vintage-inspired :) Their shoes and dresses also very nice, I like the feminine and simple design. Their new range of scarfs also worth checking! If you're confuse about what style you want to shop, they have look book for you to refer to.
Some items that I love:

2. Shy Siren
Etsy is an online store where people could sell either their handmade or special hand picked stuff. There's a lot of stuff you can find there, from clothing, cremics, books, even plants! This website is a bit like eBay, but with better items and design. Most of the stuff are affordable, high quality with nice design.

Shy Siren is one of the stores in Etsy. A handmade earring shop, with many many beautiful design. Mostly their items are vintage inspired with intricate designs.
3. BirdzNbeez
You'll find very very interesting jewelry design here. The handmade jewelry are made using antique silver plate and aged brass, embellished with vintage glass beads, swarovski crystals, semi precious stones and pearls.
4. Kreativlink
Kreativlink is an online store that sells handmade journals. All the journals there are unique, one of the unique journal is journal with cover made of fabric and hand drawn illustrations.

5. Oh and Ah
Last but not least, Oh and Ah! It's not an online shopping website, but they have their online cataloque in their website. Everytime I see new items there I feel like stealing them! D: From the nicely designed badges, pretty tops and cute accesories are there! With reasonable price and nice design, what's not to love? So far I never be able to go to any of their open houses thought D: Click on the poster below or go to their website to see their next open house! :)
So that's all! Somehow I really have fun writing this entry xD Hope you guys like it :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Literal Video Song

I've just see some videos in YouTube about singing the song literally according to the video. Really really funny! xD There's so many version, but I think so far this is my favorite:

MM068-1's BBQ Party in Port Dickson!

Well, as I mentioned many many times already, our class was having a trip to PD for 2 day and 1 night. Yes, in midterm, when our assignment ready to kill us. Quoted from my YM conversation:

lunatic_rave: where is PD? sounds far
tanyus.indrayani: yea, about 1-2 hours from Sunway. We go there for BBQ. All the way to PD for BBQ. In midterm, with loads of assignment piling in front of us.
lunatic_rave: you guys are nuts
Our trip started in the morning, me and Sel wake up at 6.30am, with Chen threatening us that she'll to do a marathon of calling if we didn't want to wake up. We go to KTM behind Metari at 8am, arrive at KL Sentral around 8.30 and then having breakfast there. I tried to find picture where chen using her sleeping bag as a bazooka (also claiming a trash bin in KL Sentral as her base), but no such luck. Too bad, it's our main entertaiment when we're waiting for Chris to pick us up.

Finally around 9am Chris come and we started our journey to PD!! Whee~ At first we're quite 'normal', but then as time goes by seems like our inner camwhore self started to appear! Behold the super camwhore pict! (OKla, to save your eyes from blindness I'll just put few here)

At first it's only started with Dee & Sel camwhoring
But me and Chen soon joining them!

While Chris seriously driving and Wahyu... umm seriously daydreaming? ^^;

And finally, finally, finally!!! We arrive at our chaley~

This first thing that we do after putting our stuff inside: Playing a fighting game!!! :D
Team Malaysia vs Team Indonesia!!
Result: 6 vs 2. Team Indonesia lose~ T.T

After the tiring screaming session, Wahyu and Chris started doing their 'research' about violence in game by playing God of War while Dee, Chen and Sel doing some 'photoshoot'

Biggest babies ever
And I don't want to feel left out so...
me as old wife, chen as suami gatal, dee as concubine HAHAHA!
A photo I won't proudly show to my children in future.
After that I happily sleep until 5pm hohoho~ While I sleep Cen, Dee and Sel preparing the kebab on satay sticks. So here's our foods! :D

chicken kebab with peppers, cherry tomatoes, and cheese! marinated by Dee

rolled lamb meat with asparagus and mushroom. marinated by Chen
and corns!! cut by me, with all strength that I have, since the corns are as hard as wood. Actually we also got chicken wings, but somehow nobody take the photo lol. Btw, all the food tasted amazing. Even the wood-hard corn tasted surprisingly sweet. Around 5pm+ we fo to the beach! Not the cleanest beach ever, but clean enough for us to play :)

Chen's Daniel "James Bond" Craig pose
Chris relaxing, our photographer fot the jump session :D
The only one non-blur picture of Wahyu on the beach!
The attempt to drown me =_=" from our drown each other jokesJump seesion!

Then we go back to chaley to take our BBQ stuff, and the BBQ begin!!
Nice sunset~
Guess who?
The BBQ!
Our lemon girlPosing in front of our BBQ~
Surprise Bday cake for Chris!Dee & Bday girl
Attempt to squeeze 6 of us in 1 frame
The pretty cat that we meet in PD
Wahh actually there's many more to tell, but this entry already too long! Maybe I'll update the second part later :P

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Layout!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Finally I change the layout! Blogger's system is really confusing =_=" Luckily I got basic in html, if not I think I'll just give up =.=

For now I'll just use font style from default. Tell me if it's hard to read ya :) And btw, I like the cat~ hohoho.

For now there's nothing interesting to write here. Must wait for photos from Dee's and Wahyu's camera first before I can post anything about our bbq :) For now, it's my favorite picture while we're in PD.