Friday, January 23, 2009

About Packing

Maybe it's just me but...
Don't you think the hardest part of packing is choosing which shoes you want to take? I ended up bringing 3 pairs of shoes for 1 week CNY holiday in Indonesia from the original plan to take 6 pairs.
Guess which shoes that I take? ;)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Watchmen Widget

Monday, January 19, 2009

I don't Want To Explain

"Never explain--your friends do not need it, and your enemies will not believe you anyway."

--Elbert Hubbard

I don't want to explain myself to you. You can either believe me or not. At least I do something about it.

It Aint Necessarily So - Jamie Cullum

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rude Person and First Week TOA

I was sleeping and dunno how in my dreams there's a very rude guy that makes me so angry until I really shout "EXCUSE ME!!! MIND YOUR MANNERS!" in reality until I woke up =.=!
I hate rude person. I really can't stand somebody who treat other people like shit. Grrr!

Btw, we started new term in TOA since 5 January. Finally I choose Advanced Web Design and Game Art and Planning for my elective subject. Actually I regret this decision after Sweii asked me if I've been given chance what skill I want to take. I answer Motion Graphic and Flash. Stupid me and my indecisive brain :(. But I think advanced web design will also give me lot's of new experience.

Btw, to my first week summary in TOA for this term. Firstly I can't believe now I'm in my 3rd year 2nd term. Wow, time sure move fast. In monday we got Final Project Studio with Sweii. As the name suggested, this term we start to do our Final Project. I'm so excited with this subject, hope I can execute my idea well.

Tuesday actually we got Game Art and Planning with Jordan, but we change the class to Friday. I think class is my favorite class this term, I'm so excited with our game plan and we also got to play in game room LOL. Yesterday our class play Wii together, it's such a super fun game. At first we play the standard Wii sports with Team Indonesia (consist of me and Wahyu) vs Team Malaysia (the rest of the class) and Team Indonesia win 3-0 woots! XD After that we play Wario for a while. Wario is such a funny game, it reminds me of Bishi Bashi Special. Jordan said actually he want to show more games to us, but because of the time limits he'll only show more games in our next class. Oooh, I love this class.

Wednesday we got Portfolio Presentation with Wai Khong. In this class our project is to sell ourself to agencies so they'll hire us. Actually I really like my idea, but Wai Khong said he already saw similar idea from my senior. Call me perasan or arrogant but after see senior's work I think I can do better than that and my idea is not similar. But I'll think of something else first to make my idea more solid.

Thursday is... the class that I think will be the most boring class in this term, Business and Client Management. No comment so far, since I don't even know and understand yet what's our project is.

The last one is Advanced Web Design, we need to create online capaign for Solar Energy awareness. I'm glad that I'm in the same group with Chen and Dee. I'm quite excited too with this class, because we got interesting topics to do.

Overall, judging from the schedule my lecturers give I think my class won't get enough sleep again this term (like we ever got enough =.=). The good thing is we got many interesting projects and group work, so maybe it won't be so bad.

p.s I plan to buy a handheld console, but still undecided which console I'll buy. Nintendo DS or PSP?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Best and Worst Movie of 2008

Since it's already 2009, now I think it's time to recall back what best and worst movie that I watched in 2008. I'm not a professional critics, I'm also not a film expert, all movies listed here are just from my personal taste. So it's ok if you're not agree, we just got different taste ;) I rate those movies base on how much I enjoy it, because to me I watch movie to entertain myself, not scared myself to death or annoy me endlessly.

Top 5 Best Movie
1. Wall-E
Cute, funny and simple story of an innocent robot. With beautiful pictures, adorable characters, nice story, it's the best movie I've watch last year.
2. The Dark Knight
It's one of the movie that meets my expectation. Heath Ledger is a perfect joker, I swear I shiver few times in cinema when he started to talk. I also really really love the ending. I think it's one of the best ending I've ever watch. I think I just love unusual ending :P
3. Iron Man
Honestly when I watch this movie, I have no expectation at all. I always assume superhero movie as boring movie with the same "super hero saves the day, bye-bye" kind of stuff. After I watch this movie, I totally change my they way I think about superhero franchise. I remember it's the first movie of 2008 that makes me feel satisfied after I finished watching. Robert Downey Jr played a very realistic Tony Stark. If you read the comic, you'll realize how good the play the role.
4. Red Cliff
Usually I never really fond of Hong Kong movie/drama, because mostly I just don't really "click" with it. But for Red Cliff, I can say it's simple the best Chinese movie I've ever watch. I love the battle scenes, fascinated on how amazing the tactics is. Amazing epic story with Takeshi Kaneshiro in the Movie, what not to love? LOL.
5. Hellboy II: The Golden Army
Guillermo del Toro did his magic again with the movie. Apart from the flat characterization, this movie have lots of stuff that I love. Amazing creatures, the troll market and the the Angel of Death are some of them. Some more I have soft spot for elves, and del Toro create unusual elf that I really love. Overall this movie is very pleasing to eyes and I love how the story goes in the end. Makes me want to wait for the next movie.

Other movies I've yet to watch but I think it'll be great: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Frost/Nixon, Milk, Laskar Pelangi
Other good movies: Miss Pettigrew Lives for A Day, Eastern Promises,

Top 5 Worst Movie of 2008
1. You Don't Mess With The Zohan
Simply the worst movie I've ever watch! It's the movie that makes me want to leave theater as soon as possible, not to mention theres 3 bimbos near my seat that keep giggling and commenting loudly there.
2. Love Guru
Thank God I don't watch this movie in theater and wasted RM10 to watch this stupid movie. Instead I watch it in sel's computer with my housemates and three of us really just can't find anything funny from that movie. Somehow this movie makes me dislikes Jessica Alba.
3. Igor
Not funny, bad characterization, unclear target audience, bad story, etc etc etc. One word: Bad.
4. 21
This movie have great base storyline, but very bad execution. Sel fall asleep when we watch this movie together. Me and Nesia just keep skipping many unimportant and boring parts until the end.
5. Mamma Mia!
Great songs, but I hate the movie. The girls act too annoying and overly dramatic. Not my cup of tea.

Other movies I've yet to watch but I think it'll be awful: Twilight, Max Payne, Punisher, The House Bunny

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My New Year's Resolution

Yeah, I know kinda late to write this since it's already 4th of January, but that's because I really don't have any internet access while I'm in Jakarta D:

Next Year Baby - Jamie Cullum

Usually I never have any new year's resolution :P To be honest I'm a bit afraid of commitment, because I know if I can't fulfill it I'll get so disappointed that I wouldn't want to try again. But I think it needs to change, and I'll start it with my New Year's Resolution! :D
1. Be brave!
I'm afraid of lots of things, while actually I don't need to be afraid of many of them.
Afraid to ask.
Afraid to say.
Afraid to commit.
Afraid to change.
etc etc duh.

2. Eat more healthy food, less junk food!
Will need to eat less McD, KFC and their friends; Will cook healthy food more often! =) I'll also try to have breakfast everyday, drink more plain water, eat more veggies.
After studying in TOA (plus no parents to take care of me D':) I eat too many unhealthy food. I remember last term every week surely me and my housemate got order McD =.=
I also always eat breakfast in hurry (not good for digestion!), sometimes even not eat breakfast at all. Since I have low blood pressure (90/60 while normal around 100-130) breakfast is very important to make my brain functioned normally.
Oh yea, I also need to eat less sugary food.

3. Be nice!
I realize that I don't have the best personality in the world and I got lots of flaws that can hurt other people and myself. While some flaw actually is good for us, I realize many of my flaws need to be changed. Be nice, smile more, be more helpful, etc etc.

4. Be more organize and neat!
Yep, my room is a mess 80% of the time, need to organize more since there's more and more items to inside my room.

5. Try more recipe to cook!
Related to no.2, I'll try to cook more food. Healthy one of course :P It also will save more money if I cook! :)

6. Read more books!
Well I know I'm not somebody important but really, being a design student will makes you become a super busy person. I can only read books in holiday, and I feel that the less I read books, the less I interested to read more! I think I only read less that 25 books in 2008. Need to allow some time to read books! D:

7. Buy less, save more!
Like I say in no.4, there's more and more item inside my room. I realize in 2008 I buy too many unnecessary stuff, spend money on not important thing, etc etc. In 2009 I need to spend less, and save more money. My target is 20%-25% of my allowance per month. Gotta need to make budget sheet I think, since I think it'll get more impact if I see where and how much my money go.

Ok, I think that's all. Wish me luck!
Oh yeah, will update about holiday next time :P