Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tan is Emo

I think I listen to Radiohead's High & Dry and Fake Plastic Trees too much T_T

Dream Dream Dream

I was having very interesting conversation with Steven just now. As we chatted, we realized that we actually have very similar dream that disturbed us, only we have different people and settings inside our dream. Psychologist said that dream is our inner desire, maybe there's something we want to do/ask in real life but we hold ourself? I kind of don't want to admit it, but then I realize better if I just accept it and be done with it. Now I just don't know where I should start.

Btw, song of the day: Mind Trick - Jamie Cullum

Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh, I Feel So Drunk

These few days I don't get any chance to sleep properly. So now I feel like a drunkard. You know, your body feels like jelly, your head feels like swimming, and the world around you feel so surreal. I've been trying to rouse my motivation by reading lots of design blogs and books. I think it works, but I still need more time since with schedule like now I can't really think properly. Like now. Do you guys even understand what I said? @_@ Please bear with me, it's 4.18 am now.

As much as I like the subject for this term, I think the group discussion is a bit too much. It also super frustrating to discuss though MSN because of he choice of word that we use, so we must meet at college. We have lot's of different opinions, but fortunately we get through that already. Although one of my group in one certain subject that I have no interest in is a bit weird. Pink and white for a name like Sinful Indulgence? WTH. Luckily they change it though. Oh yea, a note for myself, try to speak more gently in discussion Tan! Somehow I feel sometimes some people feel offended when I disagree with their opinion. Must be more subtle. Stupid Tan.

Yesterday (oh hey, it's already Friday! so actually it's the day before yesterday!) we have BBQ with Kenny and Hong in Dee's house. Fantastic food, but a bit too much lamb. Love the salad. Chris is a great piano player. Kenny coming to Dee's house riding bike. WOW. And Mrs.Kok is really pretty. We also forget to eat our watermelon. Plan to leave it in front of MM Dept door and put message "To: Kenny!". Somehow I even think to put it inside a baby crib.

WTH I'm talking about. Sorry, just like the title, I feel so drunk.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

So Unmotivated

I don't know what's wrong with me, but seems like every term 2 I will lose my motivation in doing my assignment. Seriously, when I tell myself to do my assignment, the first word that come to me is "UGH!". I don't know what happened, I really really feels sooooooo unmotivated and moody. I also feel that everything is boring. One side of me feel so worried because I slack so much this term, while the other one don't care about anything because it feels like a torture to start working on my assignment. Somebody help me!!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Character Design Fail

After I print screen this, I close my PS and forget to save it. @$#%#^!@#$@#$@!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not Amused

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Further Study?

When I go back to my hometown for CNY, my mom suddenly ask me if I want to further my study. To be honest, I really really want to. The only thing that makes me hesitate is the money my parents need to spend for me if I continue my study. Among all my siblings, my parents spend the most money on my education. Both of my sisters get their degree in Indonesia, which is much cheaper that my study here. Plus, both of them finished sooner then other students so they don't burden my parents too much. I feel guilty for making my parents spend so much money for me. My mom ask me to think about it and asks people around me if I need to further my study. I've asked and most people said ofcourse it'll be good, even the experience alone is worthed, and if I can, why not?

I've just called my mom to tell her about it and she said that she'll support me. She ask me to where I want continue my study which I can't decide yet. For the past 3 days I've been researching about where to studies, etc. At first I'm interested in Birmingham City University because some people that I know wanted to continue their study there. But after I've done some research, now I'm more interested in Northrumbia University and University of Sunderland because they have Interactive and Multimedia design courses which I'm interested in. Actually my mom asked me (if possible) to go to place where I've got friend with me, so she won't be too worried about me being so far from my family. But I think eventually I'll manage though. I'm still undecided, but I hope I will make a good decision.

Btw, it's a bit random and out of topic but I want to post this funny comic xD

Comic from XKCD

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Lovelies

1. Journey in Miami Sand
I rareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely fall in love with bags and this simple white bag make me fall in love at first sight. I generally hate leather bags (exceptions for some really pretty ones) and love cotton, cloth, and wool bags so this bag is perfect. The only problem is the color, it's white! And somebody as chor lor as me will make it dirty in no time =.=!

2. D&Y "Softer Than Cashmere?" pink checkered scarf
Ohh another love at first sight. The moment I saw this scarf I feel like I can feel the soft texture of it lol :P I love the colors, and I can't stand cold so it's perfect for me. I plan to buy this, so stay tune!

3. Nintendo DSi
I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it I want it! T_T I asked my parents if I can buy this, but they said that I'm too old to play games =.=! Actually I can buy this with my ang pow money, but I feel guilty if I buy something expensive without my parents' permission :( Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu T_______T Guess I must wait until I can earn my own money T______T The problem is I can't wait!!! T_________T