Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh, I Feel So Drunk

These few days I don't get any chance to sleep properly. So now I feel like a drunkard. You know, your body feels like jelly, your head feels like swimming, and the world around you feel so surreal. I've been trying to rouse my motivation by reading lots of design blogs and books. I think it works, but I still need more time since with schedule like now I can't really think properly. Like now. Do you guys even understand what I said? @_@ Please bear with me, it's 4.18 am now.

As much as I like the subject for this term, I think the group discussion is a bit too much. It also super frustrating to discuss though MSN because of he choice of word that we use, so we must meet at college. We have lot's of different opinions, but fortunately we get through that already. Although one of my group in one certain subject that I have no interest in is a bit weird. Pink and white for a name like Sinful Indulgence? WTH. Luckily they change it though. Oh yea, a note for myself, try to speak more gently in discussion Tan! Somehow I feel sometimes some people feel offended when I disagree with their opinion. Must be more subtle. Stupid Tan.

Yesterday (oh hey, it's already Friday! so actually it's the day before yesterday!) we have BBQ with Kenny and Hong in Dee's house. Fantastic food, but a bit too much lamb. Love the salad. Chris is a great piano player. Kenny coming to Dee's house riding bike. WOW. And Mrs.Kok is really pretty. We also forget to eat our watermelon. Plan to leave it in front of MM Dept door and put message "To: Kenny!". Somehow I even think to put it inside a baby crib.

WTH I'm talking about. Sorry, just like the title, I feel so drunk.