Friday, December 19, 2008


Wew, been 2 weeks since last I updated my blog! Been busy with assignment, but now it's all over and I have 2+weeks of holiday =) Even though the first few days of my holiday disturbed by stupid streamyX people who said that we not yet paid our bills so that they cut our internet! =_=" But now the problem already solved, and I'm enjoying my holiday! Nesia already left in 16, and Sel in 17, so I've been alone for 2 days at home and all I do are sleep, eat, play, sleep and eat again! Well at least I cooked my own food. I've successfully cook my first Fettuccine Carbonara and Aglio et Olio! XD Well, cooking is fun, but when I need to clean all the mess I've done, it's no fun anymore =.=

I'll going back to Indonesia tomorrow, so now I've been racing to finish all stuff that I need to do before I go tomorrow.
- Do all laundy > done
- Ironing clothes > done
- Clean my room > done
- Wash all dishes > 0%
- Packing > 75%
- Call taxi > done
- Buy all stuff my mom and sis asked > done
- Print my ticket > done
- clean my shoes > done

Friday, December 5, 2008

Quick Post

I've been so busy with assignments for this week, sorry for abandoning you, my blog D:

Nothing much to blog actually, but I just feel that I want to blog :P Actually I want to write a super long entry about a movie that I'm interested in, but that must wait for another time. For now, it's just some quick updates about what I've been doing.

1. Almost finished this term, left a bit of 3D modelling, some programming for DM3, and LOTS I mean TONS of programming and animating to do for ADM.

2. Finished the 4 series of Mystery Case Files, just bought the 5th series, Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst for $9.90(50% off!). I've enjoyed the series a lot, so I think buying this series is a must. Besides, it's on discount! \o/

3. Into some jazz lately. Blame Suba for all of those jazz influence. Currently into Jamie Cullum, Matt Dusk and Michael Buble

4. Re-watch X-Men, gain back memories on how awesome Nightcrawler is.

5. Think Ryan Reynold abs can be a substitute for washboard. It's TOO defined. Oh yeah, he'll act as Deadpool in X-Men Origin: Wolverine next year.

6. Still think Hugh Jackman is super sexy. Currently use his picture as desktop wallpaper.

7. Been having weird sleeping schedule

8. Been blogging to procrastinate.