Monday, June 30, 2008

Malas Mentranslasi

Gak tau deh kenapa, tapi hari ini rasanya pengen aja blogging pake bahasa Indonesia. Rasanya kangen aja nulis sesuatu pake bahasa Indonesia lagi.

Akhir-akhir ini aku beneran ngerasa aneh deh. Rasanya suasana hati gampang banget berubah. Kadang aku ngerasa kayak bukan aku. Mau curhat ke temen-temen juga bingung, aku sendri ga tau apa yang salah.

Ah, ya aku sekarang jadi ketagihan sama lagunya Five for Fighting, I just Love You.

Huhuhu jatuh cinta habis-habisan sama lagu ini nih sekarang.

Btw, Brad bilang kalo aku bakalan cocok kerja jadi maid di Tsundere Cafe.
Me: NOOOOOOOO!!! Saya tidak galak, ok! DDD:
Brad: Kamu kan seme
Me: Saya ga seme
Me: Saya juga bukan uke
Brad: Jadi? =.=
Me: Suke
Brad: =_=;;;

Friday, June 27, 2008

Somebody Sleep Worse Than Me

I though I'm the worst sleeper. Actually not. Because Wahyu just beat me. I tried waking him up 3 times+1 time by Chris only he wake up. Alamak~!

1st try:
Me: Wahyuuuuu wake up~! *knock knock*
Wahyu: ....
Me: Wahyuuuuu!!!! *knock knock*
Wahyu: mmmmmmm..................
Me: *open the door* *shake shake* Wake up!!!
Wahyu: mmmmmm
then I gave up and asked Chris to wake him. But she failed also.
That keep repeating until the 4th time~
Alamak, next time must record Lona's voice just to wake him up la!

Oh yea, the whole class in Melaka now!
And Hazmer, no you won't got your cookie, because you put down my hands and feet at chen's blog! :P

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Guess Who?

Cookies to anybody who can answer correctly! :P

Monday, June 23, 2008

Emotion Management

Lately it becomes harder for me to control my emotion. I feel so emo lately~ AAAAA~!!! I know why but I'm still in half denial stage =___= please let me emo-ing for a while peacefully~~!!!

The impact is quite bad though. Makes it hard for me to control my emotion. Now I read a story I cry, watch a movie I also cry, cannot do my assignment also cry, even talk to my friend I also can cry! Alamakjang~! Like today somebody quite piss me off, makes me really want to scream and swear at that person (involve many unwanted words and an erection from a finger). Good that I still have a little bit control left for me, so I just go out and just try to cool my anger. Really need to gain back my control T___T I think I'm a bit control freak la... =_=;;

Oh yeah, about the trip to Melaka, will post it next time. Need to edit my photography assignment first!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Will go to Melaka (or Malacca or Malaka? @_@) with Chen tonight, will be back on saturday! :D

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Moving On

Somehow, when I need an honest opinion, I know I'll always be able to ask you. It amazed me on how you actually understand me more than I thought you do. I used to think of you as my younger brother, but now you've grown, while I still stuck here. I used to think I've already moving on, but as we talk, I realized that actually I'm still in the same position. Maybe I've face different sides of the road, but I'm still on the same spot. Like what you said, when experience beats the current situation, I'll held back and unconsciously repeating the same pattern as before. I've screwed the situation last year, and I foresee it'll happen again in near future if I do not change the way I think and how I will resolve the problem. Well, like what you said again, the problem is not about me. Actually all are only in my mind, I only need to beat my own thinking, my own prejudice about this. I need to break the wall and face the problem, not runaway like what I always do.

Someday, you have to move on. Faster, better.
I know, I know. Wish me luck.

Monday, June 16, 2008


7.00 am now, I can't sleep even though I finished my wed already. There's only Brad in YM and MSN to torture =.= Been talking about Iron Man and other Marvel DC's hero. Weird to see how Tony Stark in comic really looks like Robert Dwney Jr. It's like he just jump out of the comic book!

Dunno how stumbled to GLAY's old song, HOWEVER (yes, all capital, dunno why those Japanese musician are so particular about capitalization =.=). Been in love with this song before, and I fall in love again now. Been listening to it for many times already. Actually I'm not GLAY's fan. Dunno why I just can't stand TERU's (yes, it's capital, baby!) voice in some of their song. Ok, GLAY fan please don't kill me, it's about personal taste. But I think TAKURO is awesome though.

So here's HOWEVER by GLAY :)

update: 8.30 am now and I still can't sleep!!! Goodness I really drank too much coffee!

Thank You

Thank you for listening to me when I'm down.
Thank you for pushing me when I want to stop.
Thank you for being patient with me.
Thank you for all your support.
Thank you for believe in me.
Thank you for being such a good friend.
Thank you. You know who you are.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Somehow I feel so worried. Dunno why. Usually even though I got a lot of assignment also I wont feel like this. Now I even trembled. I don't know lah, I really feel so worried. Worried worried worried worried worried worried worried worried worried worried worried worried until I think I must post something just to speak out my worry. I feel like I can hear my heart beat man~ Maybe because I drink too much coffee?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tiring Day

So tired! Today Yesterday I did some photoshoot with Thomas in TOA's photography studio. Thanks a lot to Thomas for being such a wonderful model! He can perform the pose that I direct nicely, eager to pose, good working attitude, and the most important one is he's having fun in this photoshoot! :) I'm so relieved man! I though this week's assignment will be very tough, but with his help it becomes a fun one! Again, thank you!

So here's some of the photo!
At first Brad told me that I'm crazy because I'm choosing him as my model, but actually I do the right thing! :p

After the photoshoot me, Nesia, and Selvia accompany Thomas to buy a table. Suddenly we want to watch The Incredible Hulk. So we go back to Pyramid again. At first we almost want to cancel our plan because the movie will start at 9.50pm. A bit too late, we think. But when we go to eat suddenly we changed our mind and hurriedly buy the tickets. The Incredible Hulk is okay, not as awesome as Iron Man but still worth to watch. Finally we go back home at 12.30! So tired~ will sleep soon :D

Friday, June 13, 2008

I'm in Love

Can't help it, I really must post this. So far there's nothing that give this effect to me.
She's so beautiful. I'm totally in love~!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Color Palette & Sis' Bday

Dunno why every year surely I will got flu that followed by cough then my throat will be sore, and the final blow is me losing my voice. Always every year =_=

Now I'm in the cough phase, I think I'll get a sore throat soon =_=

Today is my eldest sis' bday! :D Happy bday sis! ^____^

And btw, last Monday we pick a random color palette and wear our clothes according to it. We're having fun and took many photos in our Photography class xD

At first everything went normal, we pose normally, only changing a bit pose, etc. But the downfall started when somebody suggest to pose as superheroes... LOL, until then we really gone crazy la! Some more Chen insisted for us to have body builder pose! xD Really cannot tahan when she show all the 5 pose to us!

And you think that's all? Unluckily Hazmer come to our class and make more chaos LOL. He didn't know that at that time we have lecturer inside our class, so he just happily taking photos with us. While actually there's Wei Meng in our class xD

Ok, enough talk! Photos after the jump taken from Chen's blog :)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sleep Talking

Lately I experienced sleep talking =_= Especially when somebody suddenly call me in the middle of my sleep. Sometimes it even makes me wonder if it was a dream or not =__=

Me: *Unconsciously answer the call*
Sis: Hello Yan, have you buy your air ticket?
Me: Huh?
Sis: Air ticket, have you buy it?
Me: Nope
Sis: Good, because I've found a cheap one.
Me: *close the cellphone* Zzzzzzzzz
When I wake up I dunno which sister that call me. Was that my eldest sister or the second one? =___= So I called my eldest sis because usually she's the one who take care of my tickets. WRONG.
Eldest Sis: Are you still sleeping?
Me: Huh? yea. I mean yea, I was
Eldest sis: That's not me
Actually that's my second sis =_=

Another example
Me: *unconsciously answer the call*
Chen: Hey, Tan zzzzzzzzz (sorry, can't remember, I was still half asleep)
Me: Huh? I must be dreaming *end the call*
Chen: *call again* Tan, wanna go to school?
Me: *still blur* HUH? *look at the time* eh? eh? eh? I just wake up!

More example this morning
Me: *unconsciously answer the call*
Second sis: Yan, when's eldest sis bday? 9 or 12?
Me: HUH???
Second sis: Eldest sis bday! 9 or 12?
Me: 12....
Second sis: Ok, now you can go back to sleep.
Me: *sleep again*
Only after I wake up I realize what she's asking... luckily I answered correctly @_@
Gila, lately I really sleep like a log, some more even though I've already answered the call I still half conscious. Dangerous man~ how if my mom call and I answer suka suka hati because I was still half conscious? My easily worried mom will got heart attack I think.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

What Kind of World do You Want?

What kind of world do you want? A world where I won't be so uninspired! T_T

Argh~! Dunno lah, for web design I really don't have any clear idea in my mind. Some more those stupid Mobil don't have any of their latest ad in internet. I tried to find in youtube, google, etc etc etc and even eBay but still I can't find any. If like this how I could work for my website??????????????????? *bites blanket*
Actually I plan to go to any local Mobil gas station, but because I was sooooo busy with photography I forgot about it...

My fault, I know.

But as the BIGGEST oil company in the world, at least you'll have some ads duh! Even in youtube their latest ads was when it's in 80s! Another ads that I found was in 1995... and that's the recent one that I could find. Other ads that I could find are vintage ones =_=
AAAAAA KILL ME NOW~!!! *stab pillow* *bites bites*

When I go to cutting ropes, suddenly I see a random doodle that I draw years ago there O___o
OMG. Sorry, I'm just surprised suddenly I see my own drawings in other sites except DA O_o
I dunno what to react though. A bit like "OMG WTH???" because somebody use it without my permission, but for that kind of project ofcourse nobody will ask me for permission to publish their secret =_= I see there also some artwork might be not by the sender, and the sender is an anonymous. But still...
Hope anonymous sender will get over her problem though =/

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Forgotten Child

Well, Rave finally become the student of TOA! 8DDDD And finally he can contact me few days ago. So here's the conversation:

tanyus.indrayani: so where do you live?
lunatic_rave: cyberjaya
tanyus.indrayani: seriously
lunatic_rave: yes xD;;;
tanyus.indrayani: O____O
tanyus.indrayani: and I though it's freaking far
earthquake_tool: how far?
lunatic_rave: like from Jakarta to Bogor
earthquake_tool: xD;;;
So, last Thursday we met and plan to help him find another place to stay in Friday.
No such luck in Mentari Court, but luckily I called Wahyu! Guess what? Now Wahyu got a new housemate 8D
Yes, Rave will stays in Wahyu's place 8D
Phew! Finally Rave got a new place! Poor Rave, everyday take taxi from Cyberjaya to Sunway ^^; That make him broke and like what he said, "eat like a very poor student" LOL.
Btw, this is what Rave said about Mentari Court:
At first I though I come to the wrong place, there's building construction and lots of dust. It feels like in a cowboy movie.
Me and Nesia just LOLed at that. He looks so relived to that he doesn't have to live in Mentari Court xD;;;

Btw, I feel soooooo annoyed with my neighbor. They rudely THROW THEIR RUBBISH IN FRONT OF OUR DOOR!!! I just caught them when I just finished writing the entry above. I'M SO ANNOYED! So I kick the rubbish in front of them! I also suspect they're the one who make pranks of us, stopping our water in the morning! GRR! DAMN ANGRY MAN!!! *almost want flash middle finger* =___________=####

Ugh, and about the title, my mom forget about me DDDDD:
Me: Mom, have you send the money for this month? Because I haven;t received any, maybe they delayed again like before?
Mom: *laugh* Sorry, mom forget so send it.
Me: DDDDDDDDDD:::: ????????????????????? T.T

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monstrous Appetite

Lately I ALWAYS feel hungry every 2 hours or so. OMG, even when I'm writing this I'm thinking how nice if now I have a bowl of noodles in front of me. With uncontrollable appetite lately, I'm getting fatter D: Not that I mind if I gain 2-3 more kgs, but the problem is I always LAZY to cook anything HEALTHY to eat after 10am++. The only alternative is not the not so healthy McD >_> I'm not gonna eat McD for 3 times in a week! Actually there also instant noodles, but like I said before after 10am I started to get lazy to cook even simple instant noodles. And if you guys ask me to just buy snacks, I don't really like eating snacks =_= the only snacks that I like is only chocolate.

So I always drink milk+honey instead, since I though it's safe enough for me to drink it everyday :D BUT! Yesterday in photography class I read in newspaper that actually drinking milk everyday is not good for our stomach.

Me: So how??? I drink it everyday! DD:
Chris: Who told you to stop drinking, just reduce it la!
So here I am now, hungry, without anything to eat. Should I just give up and ordered McD instead? Or I must move my lazy ass and cook something instead? I don't think so =_=

Update: Instant noodles win!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Worried sick about my Photography class, luckily everything went smooth, just need to redo my motion ones. Need to re-shoot all picture for the finals, Nesia protested in horror. I'm a scary director, baby.


Tomorrow Papa will have a surgery :(
Hope papa will be okay.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Life's Goal

tanyus.indrayani: kamu mau jadi apa? -3- (what you want to be?)
earthquake_tool: saya mo jadi arsitek =3= (I want to be an architect)
earthquake_tool: tapi sekarang ini saya blon bisa (but now I can't)
earthquake_tool: rada ribet (a bit complicated)
earthquake_tool: =_=;
earthquake_tool: saya lulus s1 nya natural resoruces conservation soalnya (because I graduated as natural resources conservation)
earthquake_tool: =.=
tanyus.indrayani: hmm
tanyus.indrayani: kenapa ga ambil interior? (why don't you take interior [before]?)
earthquake_tool: saya muda dan bodoh (I was young and foolish)
earthquake_tool: =3=
earthquake_tool: tapi ga nyesel si (but I don't regret this)
earthquake_tool: belajar banyak di jurusan ini (learn a lot here)
tanyus.indrayani: HMM
tanyus.indrayani: hmm
tanyus.indrayani: kalo gitu (then)
earthquake_tool: yg saya ga mungkin pelajarin klo di jurusan laen (things that I not gonna learn in any other faculties)
tanyus.indrayani: kenapa ga lanjutin apa yg udah kamu pelajarin aja? -3- (why don't you just continue the thing you've learned?)
earthquake_tool: karena saya mau jadi arsitek (because I want to be an architect)
earthquake_tool: =3=
earthquake_tool: ini bukan masalah hidup sukses =3= (it's not about success)
earthquake_tool: tapi tujuan hidup~ (but life's goal)
tanyus.indrayani: hmmm

I Go Nowhere

Stop and stare
I think I'm moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I've become what I can't be
- Stop and Stare, OneRepublic