Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

It's new year! Again... 2009 was a roller coaster ride for me. Starting and finishing my final project in TOA, falling in love and falling out of love, finishing college and starting a new chapter at university, losing and discovering my passion back, and many other things that considered big for someone little like me.

My biggest decision in 2009 probably was continuing my education. I actually already given up hope and think that I'll just directly work after college. Thanks to my family for trusting and supporting me, I decided to continue my studies instead. There's a lot of things happened in the progress that makes it wasn't easy, but thank God I fight my way through those and here I am in Birmingham. Honestly I almost given up hope and think maybe I shouldn't go, maybe I should just wait, or maybe I should just work. Now I think about it, I thank myself for being stubborn and my family for being naggy because I feel so grateful that I'm here now. So far, I never regret this big decision :)

There's a always a drawback of course. I'm far far far away from my family, friends and country now. I lost some job opportunities. I need to learn new stuff that's totally different that what I've been doing, and in final year nonetheless. I feel and suffered from the terrible weather here. And I let my summer go before it even started :) But I don't regret those. I'm glad I'm here, I'm a little bit homesick at first but I realised I shouldn't keep clinging to what has passed. I met new friends, go to different places, learn many things in Uni and life, get back my passion, and many other wonderful things that won't happen if I'm not here.

2009 has passed and I've made the biggest decision of my life then, but somehow I got the feeling that 2010 will have something bigger for me to decide. Let's hope I will make a good decision again this year :)


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