Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moving On

Move my personal blog to and my work blog to 
Please do visit :)

Monday, February 8, 2010


Dear Bitch,
you need to learn to STFU :)
with love,


Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Need Help

Hi everybody, I need help from all of you. I'm trying to get an internship to Saatchi & Saatchi UK, but to get that I need to pass the first test. All I need to do is to make a facebook group and make sure have as many people as possible to join the group. So please help me, kindly join the group to help me. It also would be very nice if you guys would invite your other friends too! :)
Thank for reading this anyway ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's not

Yes, of course roll your eyes.
Flick your hair.
Speak as if you're better than other people.
Honestly I can't really stand your holier-than-thou attitude.
Thank goodness I have enough self control.
Enjoy your disillusionment my dear, enjoy.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

It's new year! Again... 2009 was a roller coaster ride for me. Starting and finishing my final project in TOA, falling in love and falling out of love, finishing college and starting a new chapter at university, losing and discovering my passion back, and many other things that considered big for someone little like me.

My biggest decision in 2009 probably was continuing my education. I actually already given up hope and think that I'll just directly work after college. Thanks to my family for trusting and supporting me, I decided to continue my studies instead. There's a lot of things happened in the progress that makes it wasn't easy, but thank God I fight my way through those and here I am in Birmingham. Honestly I almost given up hope and think maybe I shouldn't go, maybe I should just wait, or maybe I should just work. Now I think about it, I thank myself for being stubborn and my family for being naggy because I feel so grateful that I'm here now. So far, I never regret this big decision :)

There's a always a drawback of course. I'm far far far away from my family, friends and country now. I lost some job opportunities. I need to learn new stuff that's totally different that what I've been doing, and in final year nonetheless. I feel and suffered from the terrible weather here. And I let my summer go before it even started :) But I don't regret those. I'm glad I'm here, I'm a little bit homesick at first but I realised I shouldn't keep clinging to what has passed. I met new friends, go to different places, learn many things in Uni and life, get back my passion, and many other wonderful things that won't happen if I'm not here.

2009 has passed and I've made the biggest decision of my life then, but somehow I got the feeling that 2010 will have something bigger for me to decide. Let's hope I will make a good decision again this year :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Instant Christmas Wishlist

Wokay, gotta try to finish it in 5 min ;)
1. The Little Prince storybook
It's actually a children storybook but I really really want to read it xD

2. Memory Card for my Blackberry

3. Mini vacuum cleaner for my desk D:

4. Could never get enough shoessss xD

5. Super mighty umbrella

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Well, sorry for neglecting this blog xD;;; I get so lazy and just tweet my way instead of blogging :P So if you have twitter, follow me!

Ummmm actually I start to blog again because Selvia asked me to post some pictures of vintage shops that I visited today. Firstly I wanted to say sorry because I didn't bring proper camera so I just take photos using my Blackberry and well... it's not pretty T.T

This morning I woke up late, at 11.30 while we all plan to meet in Bullring at 12.00 so I texted Chris to postpone it, but then Michelle texted me at 12.00 to tell me that she just woke up =.=;;; and even worse that at 12.30 Janna call me and said that Amir just woke up =.=;;; So we postponed the gathering until 1 pm. FAIL.

But just before we leave the phone in my flat rings and the postman delivered the boots that I ordered from eBay! So it's actually is a good thing that we're late, because if not I need to go to post office to take my stuff. SO this time, WIN ♥
Plus, my boots turns out to be much nicer than what I thought it would be! xD

After we all meet in Bullring, we headed to Malaysian Delight, a Malaysian restaurant in Chinatown. The food for certain food like prawn mee and char koew tiaw are surprisingly good! At 1.30 Steffy and her friend from Myanmar, Lala join us to spend the day :D

No photos in the restaurant because I forget to take any after I see the food since I was so hungry at the time. FAIL AGAIN.

After lunch we headed to Custard Factory, but on the way we stopped at COW, a vintage shop with super bright yellow paint @.@

Steffy and Janna shop some dresses and bags there, but me and Michelle come out with nothing T.T But we have realy fun time dressing ourselves with those vintage clothes though! xD

Our next destination is Custard Factory, and we really really having fun there!
First, we were greeted by this huge naked statue just in front of the outlet.
Chris said he'll become green in summer btw.

The we headed straight to the vintage shop called Melrose Vintage. They have really really nice collection. We all squeal qith delight when we go inside the shop LOL.

Sorry again for the crappy photo, it might not looks so nice in the photo, but the real shop is really really pretty.

I bought one bag and one skirt there! :D Can't wait to wear them
I really really loveeee the bag, and it's super duper cheap! xD The skirt+bag= £22!
Actually there's a nice belt with butterfly buckle that I really like, but I'm not sure if I will ever wear it, so I just leave it there =/ maybe next time DDD:

So that's all for today xD;;; I'll try to update this blog as often as I can!